Dark Triangles


Many people are consciously aware of “dark” or “black” triangles at their gum line area. These areas can be present naturally, through genetics, from tooth movement (orthodontics), from gum therapy or can develop as we age over time. Many people report, “I am catching food now in that area when I wasn’t before”, “people ask if I have pepper or lettuce between my teeth” or “Grandma, what are those dark triangles in your teeth?”…

Our office provides a fantastic solution to this common problem. More importantly, we can eliminate those unsightly areas conservatively by adding esthetic tooth-colored material to these spaces. We simply thoroughly clean the teeth, “roughen” the surfaces and add tooth-colored material to the teeth utilizing a Bioclear Matrix System. Then, we artistically sculpt the proper contours to achieve proper form, function, cleansability and esthetics. This approach preserves valuable tooth structure and creates a more youthful esthetic appearance. Look through several of our results—many of our patients have addressed the “dark triangles” and have eliminated years of frustration and awareness in one simple appointment.