White And Brown Spots

“Do you, your children, grandchildren or friends have white or brown ”spots” or formations on the surface of their teeth?”

This is a common concern for many people, and there is a very simple, painless and quick solution to wash away embarrassment and “social insecurity.”

“How do these spots/formations develop?”

     Typically, there are several possible causes:

  1. Excess fluoride consumption—Fluorosis
  2. Braces-Sometimes white spots develop from less than ideal home care when people utilize braces.Once the brackets and wires are removed, teeth can be “scarred” from the plaque that creates acid that damages the enamel.
  3. Fever at time of specific tooth/teeth development
  4. Trauma to baby teeth can effect development of the enamel of the permanent teeth
  5. Genetics-Blame it on the parents, why not…..
  6. Developmental anomaly—The enamel simply does not form properly-similar to a “birth mark” on the skin

Fortunately, a simple, painless, conservative and cost effective method is available to upgrade the appearance of the thousands, if not millions, of teeth that demonstrate these white or brown spots

This process preserves valuable tooth structure for the future, saves dollars and adds years of healthy, confident smiles.


  1. Whiten the teeth (over-the-counter products or professional products)
  2. Microabrade the teeth with spots—similar to a light roughening of the surface-painless process
  3. Apply surface gel to open the “pores” of the teeth
  4. Apply liquid to penetrate into the pores
  5. Apply a clear resin to adhere to the infiltrant and soften or eliminate white or brown spots

How long does it last?

We have multiple cases that are 10 years or more that remain esthetically pleasing and satisfactory to the patient and our team

**Saving tooth structure and dollars while enhancing esthetics quickly and painlessly is one of the services we are proud to provide

See several of our great results below: